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Kelsey Swintek

Kelsey Swintek is a writer living in the East End. She publishes a weekly newsletter, where she writes about musings, shares her photography and renders occasional epiphanies. You can find her on a long walk with her dog, Fala, or with an IC Light at Kelly’s in East Liberty.

Kelsey's Newsletter: Lucky Rigatoni
Instagram: @KelseyPizza

A Guide to the Best Vintage Stores in Pittsburgh

By Kelsey Swintek / December 15, 2021

We’ve got the best vintage shops, grouped by neighborhood.

Tailgate Tales – people, practices make a Steelers game unique

By Kelsey Swintek / December 8, 2021

From Yinzer burgers to Father Paul, this tailgate is like no other in the league.

Pittsburgh dive bars

All of the Pittsburgh dive bars you need to visit

By Kelsey Swintek / July 9, 2021

From a dive bar where the walls are dripping, yes dripping, with holiday decor to a dive bar with a nice women’s bathroom, here are some of the Pittsburgh institutions you should know about. 

Pittsburgh porch parties

Is your porch ready for porch season in Pittsburgh?

By Kelsey Swintek / May 7, 2021

Everything you need to host your next Pittsburgh porch party