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Kelsey Swintek

Kelsey Swintek is a writer living in the East End. She publishes a weekly newsletter, where she writes about musings, shares her photography and renders occasional epiphanies. You can find her on a long walk with her dog, Fala, or with an IC Light at Kelly’s in East Liberty.

Kelsey's Newsletter: Lucky Rigatoni
Instagram: @KelseyPizza

Pittsburgh dive bars

All of the Pittsburgh dive bars you need to visit

By Kelsey Swintek / July 9, 2021

From a dive bar where the walls are dripping, yes dripping, with holiday decor to a dive bar with a nice women’s bathroom, here are some of the Pittsburgh institutions you should know about. 

Pittsburgh porch parties

Is your porch ready for porch season in Pittsburgh?

By Kelsey Swintek / May 7, 2021

Everything you need to host your next Pittsburgh porch party