dog-friendly breweries

🐾 A guide to dog-friendly breweries in Pittsburgh

By Brian Conway | July 28, 2022

Our faithful four-legged friends rode out quarantine nestled next us, from the halcyon days of sourdough starters through the long, dark, interminable cold of Pittsburgh winter. And now that we’re vaccinated, the plan is to leave them, home alone, while we sip IPAs in the sun? Better yet, take Fido along: here’s a list of Pittsburgh breweries with dog-friendly outdoor spaces.

The East End Brewing Keg Ride: Pedaling for pale ale and a good cause

By Lindsay Patross | May 1, 2022

We rode along during this year’s Pedal Pale Ale Keg Ride – an East End Brewing tradition. Watch for the surprise destination and hear from founder Scott Smith about how it all came to be.

ed vidunas

Get to know Ed Vidunas, Pittsburgh’s Beer Historian

By Aadam Soorma | April 7, 2022

Since 1794, there have been well over 100 breweries in Allegheny County. Ed Vidunas is harnessing their stories online at

Whatcha gifting? The best gifts for Pittsburgh beer lovers

By Aadam Soorma | December 1, 2021

We asked a handful of Pittsburgh beer enthusiasts and insiders (including a beer drinking Santa) what they plan to gift each other this holiday season.

Pittsburgh Oktoberfest beers

🍻 Prost! Guide to Oktoberfest beers from Pittsburgh Breweries

By Aadam Soorma | September 10, 2021

A look at Oktoberfest beers from Pittsburgh breweries.

Where to Pick Up locally brewed Dad Beers for Father’s Day

By Aadam Soorma | June 4, 2021

Just in time for this weekend – we rounded up 15 of our favorite Pittsburgh dad beers you can mix into your plans for celebrating Father’s Day.

Pittsburgh breweries with outdoor seating

UPDATED! Pittsburgh Breweries with outdoor seating for spring

By Brian Conway | April 9, 2021

With the weather sort of warming up, well warm enough to start to spend more time outdoors, several local breweries have opened or added outdoor seating so that you can stop by for a socially distant beer and some food.

Pittsburgh Irish-style Beers

Guide to Irish-style beers from Pittsburgh Breweries

By Very Local PGH | March 17, 2021

We rounded up a selection of Irish-Style ales, stouts, and porters from Pittsburgh breweries for St. Patrick’s Day or every day.

East End Brewing's Hard Seltzer

G&T: East End Brewing’s first hard seltzer is inspired by the classic cocktail

By Lindsay Patross | February 19, 2021

East End Brewing released their first hard seltzer. The G&T Hard Seltzer is inspired by the classic cocktail. Cans are available at the brewery now.

Pittsburgh Beer: 21 Things We’re Looking Forward to in 2021

By Aadam Soorma | January 13, 2021

It’s a new year and Pittsburgh beer drinkers have lots to look forward to. We narrowed our excitement down to a list of 21 things to expect in 2021.