My Amazing Cheap Date: Riverfront Fun and Coffee in New Orleans

My Amazing Cheap Date” explores fun, romantic, unique things that can be done in New Orleans — all for $50 or less.

by Mary Staes | February 14, 2022

“My Amazing Cheap Date” explores fun, romantic, unique things that can be done in New Orleans — all for $50 or less. Host Amy Brassette-McKeon provides color commentary throughout the dates and is the ultimate decider as to which couple had the best date and most creatively spent their fifty bucks. The winning couple will receive a prize to local establishments so that they can have another awesome, free date. 

In this episode, two couples compete to see who can have the best date for $50 or less.

Couple #1: Shiloh and Rob have been together a little over a year.

  • Shiloh Sears is working towards her Masters degree in counseling and works at a school.
  • Rob Geshay runs a feeding program in the city and works to make sure the people of New Orleans are fed.

Couple #2: Keenan and Mallory have been together for four and a half years.

  • Keenan Torrence doesn’t shy away from a good time. He has a love of history and random facts.
  • Mallory Ratcliff works at Trader Joe’s.

In this episode, couples are challenged to have dates with these themes:

  • Experience City Park
  • Eat at a neighborhood favorite
  • Get outdoor drinks
  • Do something fun and free on the Riverfront

Experience City Park: 

  • Wheel Fun Rentals is a cool way to see City Park! These unique swan boats are a fun way to pedal around the waterways of the park. Dryland more your thing? Wheel Fun Rentals have a myriad of bikes that are sure to suit your style.
  • A valid fishing license is required to fish in the lagoon at The City Park Fishing Pier and, once you have that covered, fishing here is totally free! A free activity at a gorgeous park? What a catch!

Here are some more hidden spots in City Park.

Eat at a neighborhood favorite:

  • Breakfast, lunch, brunch, cakes, and coffee! Bywater Bakery has it all! Shiloh and Rob especially enjoy the gumbo and sandwiches at this neighborhood spot.
  • Whether you’re in the mood for a shrimp or roast beef o’boy, you won’t be disappointed with what Parkway Bakery and Tavern serves up. This corner sandwich shop has been a local favorite since 1911.

Learn more about how Parkway contributed to the history of the poboy.

Do something fun and free on the Riverfront:

  • Crescent Park is a 1.4 mile, 20-acre urban park along the Mississippi River. Shiloh and Rob (well, Shiloh) tried their hand at roller skating while enjoying a beautiful view of the river. Meanwhile, Keenan and Mallory got their groove on with Coach Q and Twerk Ya Brass. Not only will this dance class get your heart rate up, but you’ll leave with some new dance moves under your belt.

Get outdoor drinks in New Orleans:

  • Parleaux Beer Lab is a Bywater brewery with a backyard vibe. Parleaux is committed to crafting high quality, small batch beers in iconic beer styles. The ingredients here are fresh and the beer is innovative.
  • Wrong Iron in Mid-City on the Lafitte Greenway is an outdoor-bar paradise! This spot serves up 50 beers, 10 wines, five cocktails, and four frozen drinks all on tap as well as regular food trucks and pop-ups.

Watch these New Orleans cheap dates in action and see who wins! 

Want to learn more about these great cheap date spots? Check out the “My Amazing Cheap Date: Coffee & Twerking” episode to see the two couples compete for a gift card to Antoine’s Restaurant!

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