A part-time freelance writer and full-time copywriter, Cassidy is a lover of all things Pittsburgh. She fell in love with the bridges, the rivers, the culture, and the food from the first moment she stepped foot in the city in 2015. She has a passion for storytelling, whether it’s working on her creepy thriller novel at night or writing about incredible food and must-see locations. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her practicing yoga, tending to her plants, crafting a new recipe in the kitchen, buying more books than she’ll ever be able to read, or daydreaming about the next dish she can top with French fries (Pittsburgh style).

pittsburgh real estate

Pittsburgh Real Estate Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

By Cassidy Swanson / October 18, 2022

Looking for rehab inspiration? New homes on the market? Historical houses? We’ve got the Pittsburgh real estate accounts you should follow on social media.

My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando Gators and Gamers

My Amazing Cheap Date: Gators and Gamers

By Cassidy Swanson / July 20, 2022

On this episode of My Amazing Cheap Date Orlando, our couples try vegan dishes they’ve never had and sample the best pastries and ice cream in Orlando – all for $50 or less.

Finding Adventure in Brunswick, Maine: Sea Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Parasailing

By Cassidy Swanson / March 21, 2022

Joe Lugosch is a 31-year-old Mainer who is tired of living on the edge and partying too hard. With the help of Kinga, Joe will get a new perspective on the world outside and change his habits for good.

Plate It, Pittsburgh!: Steelers Sunday

By Cassidy Swanson / March 7, 2022

“Plate It, Pittsburgh” is a Very Pittsburgh cooking competition show. In each episode, two local chefs speed through a Pittsburgh market and cook up a three-course meal with their purchases. Host Dave Forman and local celebrity judges determine which chef will win bragging rights and a donation to their favorite local nonprofit organization.

Orlando zip line

Finding Adventure In Orlando: Letting Off Steam, Zip lining and Airboating 

By Cassidy Swanson / March 4, 2022

After transitioning and battling cancer, Madison Wilkins finally feels comfortable in her own skin. Kinga goes to Orlando, Florida to help Madison let her hair down and experience adventure as the woman she’s always longed to be.

Songbird Artistry: A Family Affair

By Cassidy Swanson / February 25, 2022

Families that craft together, stay together — at least for this Pittsburgh family.

Meet Dave Forman, Host of “Plate It, Pittsburgh”

By Cassidy Swanson / February 25, 2022

Dave Forman, food blogger and lover of all things Pittsburgh, judges as two local Pittsburgh chefs go head-to-head in “Plate It, Pittsburgh.”

Meet the host of “Finding Adventure,” Kinga Philipps

By Cassidy Swanson / February 3, 2022

Host Kinga Philipps, a shark and ocean conservationist and thrill seeker, takes locals out of their comfort zones to experience incredible outdoor adventures right in their own backyards.

Independent Bookstores in Pittsburgh

Guide to EVERY independent bookstore in Pittsburgh

By Cassidy Swanson / January 18, 2022

A guide to the independent bookstores in Pittsburgh. There are over a dozen independent bookstores in Pittsburgh that sell everything from new releases to mystery novels.

Recycle Christmas Lights

Where to recycle christmas lights in Pittsburgh (& by mail)

By Cassidy Swanson / January 5, 2022

A list of hardware stores where you can drop off your lights for recycling