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Marielle Songy

Marielle was born and raised in New Orleans. She thinks it's hard to grow up there and not let the culture and history of the city become part of you.

Whether it be the jazz, food, of fabulous architecture, she thinks most would agree that things are a little spicer down here.

BBQ New Orleans

Top 5-04: Some of the best hidden BBQ spots in New Orleans

By Marielle Songy / July 28, 2021

While New Orleans can’t compete in the barbecue department with the likes of Kansas City or Memphis, I do think we have some really good barbecue options around here.

Top 5-04: Where are the best cocktails in New Orleans?

By Marielle Songy / July 22, 2021

Because New Orleans is packed with amazing cocktail bars (and their signature drinks), we decided to make it a bit easier for you to narrow down some places you might want to check out, next time you feel like a night (or afternoon) out. For this Top 5-04 list, it’s all about the drinks and where to get them.

Coolinary New Orleans

Here are 5 Coolinary New Orleans picks you need to try this summer

By Marielle Songy / July 20, 2021

Coolinary is back in New Orleans from July 14 to Sept. 5, and more than 80 restaurants will be offering special menu options at reasonable prices, so you don’t have any excuse to miss out. In order to make things a little easier to navigate, I made a Top 5-04 list of a few spots you might want to check out with some deals you won’t want to miss.

Top 5-04: Unique museums across New Orleans

By Marielle Songy / June 14, 2021

Here in New Orleans, we love a museum; it almost seems like there’s one around every corner. While we all know about the more popular museums in town like NOMA and The Ogden, we also have a great selection of more curated museums, as well. Here are the top 5 “hidden” museums that you might want to explore, the next time you’re looking for a learning adventure in New Orleans.

Fixing for a swim without breaking the bank? These pools across New Orleans have you covered

By Marielle Songy / May 26, 2021

Hotels, a university and even a bar; there are plenty of places to get in the swim of things.

refill bar

6 tips on sustainability from Nola’s first refill bar

By Marielle Songy / May 19, 2021

Small items such as dental floss, package wrappers, trash bags, cups and utensils lead to excess waste that many of us don’t think about, on a daily basis. Reducing our waste can be done with some easy steps.

Here’s your guide to Indian Food in New Orleans

By Marielle Songy / May 17, 2021

Here in New Orleans, we’re fortunate to live in a city that draws on the culinary traditions of many places. In the last few years, Indian cuisine has begun to take off here. Whether you’re looking for something on the traditional end, more casual, or somewhere in the middle, you’re sure to find the perfect place to get your fix. Here are a few spots to get you started. 

Faulkner House Books

What building has the most stories? The Faulkner House Books, of course.

By Marielle Songy / April 30, 2021

Down an alley, just off Jackson Square, is a book lover’s sanctuary, where one can find a curated selection of Southern literature and classics. Located at 624 Pirates Alley, Faulkner House Books is in a townhouse that was built in 1837 that in the 1920s was home to famed writer, William Faulkner.

popsicle doorbell

Popsicle Doorbell is the secret cool treat of the Bywater

By Marielle Songy / April 14, 2021

Blackberry and cream, rosemary lemonade, mango — one dad’s quest to spend more time with his kids as turned into a refreshing treat in the Bywater.

Sweet Thangs update: Stricen Carter’s ‘designer snoballs’ are now in Mid-City

By Marielle Songy / April 1, 2021

Stricen Carter is the force behind Sweet Thangs NOLA, a stand that serves decadent snowballs to long lines of eager customers. Her stand brings snowballs to the next level, by packing them with cheesecake, candy and cookies, and these photo-worthy designer deserts have been taking Instagram by storm. She taken her stand from Gentilly to Mid-City and is working on expanding.