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Very Local Haunted

Very Local Haunted: Your guide to Haunted places, Fall Activities, and Halloween events happening in your area.



Haunted Places, Fall Activities, and Halloween Events Near You

Dying for spooky season? If paranormal activity is exciting to you, we've collected a lengthy list of ghastly ghost stories in your city.  Find haunted places to stay, haunted houses to explore, and Halloween events that provide an even balance of fright and fun for everyone.


Boston's long history of war and witches makes it a great place for fall activities and haunted happenings. Check out Haunted Boston for spooky content and Halloween events.

New Orleans's unique and sometimes dark history has made it a hotbed for paranormal activity. Here you are free to explore spooky spots, haunted hotels, Fall activities, and Halloween events in New Orleans.

Could the home to the happiest place on earth also be the spookiest? Skip the long lines at Halloween Horror Nights and delve into all the local fall activities, haunted places, and Halloween events in Orlando.


Spooky season is in the air. With that in mind we've crafted a list of ghost encounters, paranormal pubs, and haunted places in Pittsburgh to get you in the mood for fall and Halloween things to do.